Gress is a local company that has been in the area for generations.  Over the years we have provided service for their existing facilities as well as the electrical construction of their new facilities.  In addition to the construction of their new buildings we have also provided the restoration of existing ones.





  Laminations has been a world-wide pioneer in the plastic industry. They have been based in the Scranton area for more than 50years.  We have done substantial work for them at their newest facility in Archbald, PA. Coyne Electric did the initial electrical construction on the building as well as the power connections to their equipment.





For the past 27years we have provided the Mercy Hospital of Scranton with our services. The various projects we have done in the hospital have required us to work on their critical power systems, in the emergency and intesive care units and operating rooms. We have become very familiar with thre requirments of working in a healthcare facility. One of our other responsibilities is maintaining their emergency power system,  providing weekly roll overs and monthly load tests of their generators.






We have been performing work for Cinram for the past 10 years at their Olyphant, PA facility. They are a very large company that produces various forms of multi-media products.  There have been many projects that we have completed for them through the years. We have done warehousing areas, production areas and office areas for them as well as general electrical maintenance. Due to the rapid changes in technology their projects are always very fast paced with short dead lines and we have always met schedules.                    





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