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               Jerry Coyne
- President
             40 Years Electrical Construction
                           Master Electrician

     Jerry started this compnay almost 30years ago. His idea was to provide prompt service to customers in need of help! Returning phone calls promptly to customers is also a key component to our success. How many contarctors have you called that never called back?  jcoyne@epix.net

                 Interests:  Golfing (Handicap 5), Landscape Design & Planting



           Christie Teats - Officer Manager


              Christie is the newest member of the team. She is a recent graduate of the McCann School of Business. Very focused and organized she takes pride in her accuracy. coyneelectric2@gamail.com

                   Interests: Working on her new home.


          Joe Sheridan - Chief Estimator
               15 Years Electrical Construction


     Joe is highly skilled in estimating and value engineering as well as design build projects. He works closely with all of our customers and A/E firms to get the job done with absolute satisfaction. jsheridan@epix.net

                  Interests: RC Hobbies & Electronics & Reading



     Mark Pappalardo
 - Sevice Technician
             20 Years Electrical Construction


     Mark can handle any facet of the electircal industry in regards to trouble shooting anyting from the simplest to the most advanced state of the art systems. He also excels in Video Survielance, Telephone and Data installations.

                    Interests: Golfing, Technology



    Jay Gallagher - Health Care Technician
               40 Years Electrical Construction
                  21 Years Health Care Technician

     Jay has been working at the Mercy Hospital in Scranton, PA and has become very familar with codes and Department of Health requirements for healthcare facilities. He has completed projects pertaining to E.R. Renovations, O.R. Renovations and Intensive Care Renovations. He also has installed medical equipment such as Cat Scans, M.R.I's and Nurse Call Sysytems as well was maintaining Emergency/Critcal Power systems including Generators and UPS's.

                    Interests: Grandchildren, Philadelphia Phillies & Eagles



         Jason Walsh
- Project Foreman
15 Years Electrical Construction
                            10 Years Foreman


     Jason has been with Coyne Electric for the past ten years. He has been a great asset in running work as well as having great
customer relations.

                             Interests: Scuba Diving, Hunting & Boating



          Bill Williams
- Project Foreman
               25 Years Electrical Construction
                             5 Years Foreman                

       Bill joined the Coyne Electric Team in 2000, his organizational and planning skills are second to none.  William always takes that little bit of extra time and effort to really make a project stand out and assure customer satisfaction.  

                        Interests: Auto Racing, Hunting, Motorcycles                             


             Jeff Lingobardo - Service Tech
                 10 Years Electrical Construction

      Jeff is an excellent electrician capable of handling any aspect of the trade. He has particular skill in the Health Care and Retail industries.  Jeff is always willing to go that extra little bit to satisfy the customer.

                             Interests: Hunting, Fishing & Socializing


            James Gogas - Logistics
                            15 Years Logistics

Material deliveries and coordination are James responsibilty. He also maintains our shop as well as all of our tools and equipment.  You may say the Jim is the face of the Coyne Team, as he is the one everyone see's and knows as he is making his daily deliveries arround town in our Delivery Truck.

                           Interests: Movies, Swimming & His Children

Phone: (570) 587-0390          Fax: (570) 587-0370          Email: jcoyne@epix.net
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